Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Well it has been a tough old week or two and it has taken me this long to be able to put (cyber) pen to paper. The results of my Mum's biopsy weren't good and she was told that the cyst that was removed during her surgery was malignant. However her consultant is 90% certain that all the cancerous tissue was removed during surgery. To be safe though he is recommending that she has chemo as well...poor mum.

As a result we decided to cancel our trip to Disneyland Paris this weekend. Much as we love Disney neither Robert nor myself felt up to 2 days trekking round the parks. I think we have both averaged about 3-4 hours sleep a night for the last week or so, so we are both shattered...physically & emotionally! Luckily it was a surprise trip for the kids so they have not been disappointed. We will just have to wait and go again next year.

Anyhow on to happier news - I received my first design team kit from Angel Crafts and amazingly I have already managed to complete one LO and what's more I have an idea for my second project too :)

Scrapaganza website went live today and I managed to restict myself to "ONLY" 11 classes! Yikes!
They all just looked so good. Here are my choices so far (but almost certain to change as more classes come out):

1 June' 07 7:00 PM, #( 1 ) Sing a Song named Life (1)
2 June' 07 9:30 AM, #( 2 ) Sing a Song named Life (2)
2 June' 07 11:00 AM, #( 3 ) Sing a Song named Life (3)
2 June' 07 2:30 PM, #( 17 ) Weather comes to mind (1)
2 June' 07 4:00 PM, #( 18 ) Weather comes to mind (2)
2 June' 07 7:00 PM, #( 29 ) Chinoca Moments
2 June' 07 8:30 PM, #( 10 ) Material Girl
3 June' 07 9:30 AM, #( 16 ) X-Static Process
3 June' 07 11:00 AM, #( 4 ) Sing a Song named Life (4)
3 June' 07 2:00 PM, #( 9 ) Coffee,Sugar & Cream (1)
3 June' 07 3:30 PM, #( 37 ) Coffee,Sugar & Cream (2)

Eeeeeeeeee! How can I wait until June. I want to go right now!!! :)

I also saw a really good idea on a thread started by Pam over on UK scrappers. The idea is to make a mini book/or bigger album with your top 10 list under each of these headings

  • My roles
  • Things you didn’t know about me
  • Words that describe me
  • My weaknesses
  • My strengths
  • Pet peeves that make me scowl
  • The simple pleasures in life
  • Smells and sounds that I love
  • To relax I …
  • Quick words of wisdom
  • Goals & aspirations
  • Favorite flicks
  • The soundtrack to my life
  • Bookworm bits
  • The best shows & concerts
  • Playing on my ‘puter (ie top 10 software programmes I use)
  • Websites of the moment
  • Favourite places I’ve been
  • Places I dream of going
  • I like to wear …
  • Around the house I treasure …
  • Favourite nibbles and tipples
  • My dream home would have
  • The legacy I’d like to leave
Mind you I might have to swap some of the topic around...after all I don't see a topic on Top Ten Buffy episodes or Top Ten David Boreanaz TV moments LOL

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A day of ups and downs....

Well we are back from our couple of days away in Edinburgh- we had a great time and did tons of stuff - I feel as if we were away for ages. We visited all of the following:

*Museum of Childhood,

* saw Greyfriar's Bobby's statue, visisted the graveyard where the dog and his master are buried (Kirsten is very in to Greyfriar's Bobby at the moment after seeing the film at Christmas)

* Museum of Scotland

* Mary King's Close - part of the old houses from the 17th Century survive underneath the present day buildings - this was great fun and really educational, but interesting at the same time - the kids loved it

* National Gallery

* Scottish Parliament including a visit to the debating chamber

Then I even managed to arrange a detour to Macarthur Glen outlet mall to visit the paper Mill Shop on our way home. We also stopped off at the Fort just outside Glasgow for tea at Nando's so that we would miss the rush hour traffic through the centre of Glasgow.

Today has been a day of ups and downs though. On the downside my mum was admitted to hospital yesterday and had surgery at 1pm today. Latest reports are that thankfully everything has gone OK. My dad and my aunt have gone to visit tonight and I will go and see mum tomorrow night.

We also had some sad news as my brother-in-laws father died yesterday. He was 91 and it was not entirely unexpected but it is still very sad especially for my niece (who was on her way back from holiday today) and my nephews.

On the up side I am on the design team for Angel Crafts and I can't wait to have a play with whatever goodies Angela sends to me.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

I have used my CJ to kickstart my scrapping again. :)

Here are a couple of sneaky pics of my Buffy/Angel CJ - I got the idea to make a bag-shaped journal from a promo picture for the crate avenue paper I saw on Lifetime Moments.

Then I made a star book for my Mum to take into hospital with her next week. I hadn't made one of these before and I was surprised at just how easy and yet effective it turned out to be.

The paper is all Basic Grey Blush and the background cardstock is just from Paper Mill

We all popped in to see my Mum this morning and she seems OK but just a bit tired. We also took her some muffins that Kenny and I had baked last night - Lemon ones and Double Chocolate ones.

The "bhoys" are off to watch the football today so Kirsten and I are just about to settle down and watch a DVD Ella Enchanted
...now that I have managed to get Kirsten away from Club Penguin on the computer - as if Runescape wasn't bad enough!!! LOL

Monday, 5 February 2007

Some photos of a few items I am selling over on the marketplace at UKS