Thursday, 12 July 2007

Summer Fun Class

As usual I am more than happy for anyone to use the following instructions for their personal use but please do not copy them (either to teach your own classes or to post elsewhere online) without permission.

Most of the supplies to make the LO can be ordered online from Julie or Ian at PaperCuts


Doodlebug Pastel Taffy Stripes
Doodlebug Pastel Wildflower
Doodlebug RickRack - Bumblebee
Doodlebug Tokens - Spring
White cardstock
Golden yellow paint
Small piece yellow embroidery thread
Small piece co-ordinating ribbon

Butterfly Template * ( I resized mine to make it a bit smaller)
Transparency title *


Cut 1 piece of the stripy paper 5 ½" wide x 10" long (the stripes should go across the way as shown)

Cut 1 piece of flowery paper – approx 5” x 7”

Round one corner of each piece as shown using a corner rounder.


Cut out your butterfly template. *

Fold one small piece of the flowery paper. Place your template on the fold. Draw round and cut out.

Do the same with two small pieces of the striped paper.

Use a paper clip and a small piece of ribbon to make a “body” for one of the butterflies.


Dry brush the edges of your patterned paper with Golden Yellow paint, including the three butterflies.

Adhere your patterned paper to the white cardstock as shown.

- The striped paper is 1” from the top & bottom of the page and about 1 ½” in from the left hand side.

- the flowery paper is about 2 ½” from the bottom of the page and 1 ½” in from the right hand side.

Add photo(s)STEP 4

Cut your Summer Fun transparency in a circle. *

Paint the back of this with Golden Yellow paint and attach to your layout, overlapping your photo.

Paint the back of the second transparency embellishment * and attach below the flowery paper.

The paint will act as an adhesive for your transparencies.


Attach yellow ricrac (wavy ribbon) using double sided tape.

Tie a small piece of embroidery thread on to the token and attach to layout.

Write your journalling on three different colours of the striped paper and attach to layout, overlapping photo.

Attach butterflies using double sided tape. Leave the edges “unglued” so the wings can be folded up slightly for a 3D effect.

* I am happy to email the butterfly template and the transparency page to anyone that wants them. Please leave your email details in the comments box and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)


Linda said...

Another scrummy LO, Maggie, thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Lovely page, thanks Maggie and I love your pics bellow :D