Monday, 30 April 2007

Bags - like I needed more!!!

OK here is the bag I finished last week - sorry for the rubbish photo. The wool was debbie Bliss Soho and I used a pattern I found on line at Black Sheep bags
but I struggled with the I-cord instructions until I found this fab little animation here
D'oh - how easy was that.

The bag shrank to less than half its original size - mind you I did wash it at 90 degrees - and it came out the machine looking like a fuzzy lump but once I dried it out (over a cereal box covered with clingfilm) it was fine.

Watch out these little suckers are addictive though...I have started knitting another one. This time I am using Wendy Fusion (mainly cos it was only £1 a ball from Watt Bros in Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street LOL ) - it is only 50% wool though and 50% acrylic so I am not sure if it will felt properly or this space :)

I think I will make some knitted flowers to go on them as well at some point

I was full of good intentions to get my packing done early but looks like that is not happening and I will be running about like a headless chicken. We are heading up to Nairn for a long weekend. Kenneth & Kirsten's school is closed on Thursday for the election so we are taking them out of school on the Friday as well...tut tut!!! Have had some great suggestions for days out from Dawn, Erika, Tracy, Pam and lots of the other "Northern" girls on UKS - thank you :)

I think we will definitely try Landmark and the Wildlife Park on the Black isle and Roos Leap looks like being a good option for something to eat in Aviemore when we are en route.

Roz - Taylor Shoes have the wedge crocs - they are called Sassari - $14 P&P

Sunday, 29 April 2007

knitting and stitching

Well I have finished knitting my bag and it shrank brilliantly in the washing machine - washed it at 90 degrees and it is now less than half the size that it was when I finished knitting it. It looks good but I haven't had a chance to get a decent picture...why am I so busy???

Well i was only asked to do something for Scrapbook Inspirations - yayy me. Mind you the deadline is next Tuesday and as we are away from Thursday to Monday AND I am working from tomorrow until Wednesday that left me, well, today really to get it done!!! LOL It did mean I didn't have a chance to take part in the UKS cyber crop this time. I only managed a measly 10 points for registering - sowwy spades!!!

Here is teeny sneak peek of the LO... I hand stitched the title and I was really pleased with the way it turned out

In other news today... Kenneth won a yugioh tournament at the local toy shop this afternoon. His prize was an apparently rare starter deck - a pack of the first cards ever made - meant to be worth somewhere between £20 - £30 so he was pretty happy. The toy shop is called the Bus Stop Toy Shop and if you are ever in Largs then I highly recommend a visit (or you can shop online at that link) ...if you are looking for toys of course. Duncan the owner is really friendly and is extremely knowledgable about the toys he sells. He also organises lots of competitions for the kids and arranges for Dr Who card swaps etc Anyway I think Kenneth will be selling his prize on ebay soon as he is on a mission to raise some cash

And on that subject we were car booting yesterday morning - pretty successful for just a small local event as we managed to clear a profit of £60 - mostly the kids stuff so they are happy to have some spends for our weekend away and we are happy that they will not be whining at us for more money (yeah right!!! LOL ).

Monday, 23 April 2007

OK stop laughing Roz... you do know you can get crocs with heels now don't you...lookie here :D
I have to say I love my Niles but it is still flipping raining and I havent had a chance to wear them out yet!!!

I've updated the last blog post too as the pictures weren't showing for some reason...hope they are there now.

Jane...thank you for your comment :) Sadly I am not teaching a cyber crop class this time...too busy knitting my bag at the moment LOL

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunday Sunday

Just having a quiet day today as I had a busy day yesterday. I was really pleased to hear that I had had a layout accepted for Scrapbook Inspirations so Kirsten and I popped down to the Post Office to post that yesterday morning. I also posted my little mini-book for a swap taking place on UK Scrappers in the run up to the cyber crop next weekend.

Then in the afternoon I was off to Edinburgh to see Footloose at the Edinburgh Playhouse. My friend's friend had originally bought these tickets for a birthday present but was unable to go as she is abroad on business at the moment so I was lucky enough to be "First Reserve" LOL. We had a lovely day out, a little bit of shopping in Edinburgh (I bought some wool from John Lewis to make a felted bag) and Tapas for tea before going to the show. The show was surprisingly good and I thought the male lead was excellent.

Here are some photos of the gorgeous little book I received. isn't it so pretty? It is full of quotes from Alice in Wonderland (the cyber crop theme is the Mad hatter's Tea Party)

And here is the book I made. I hope my swapee likes it. I didn't stick to the Alice theme (as it wasn't mandatory) plus my book is made a litte bit differently. I realised when I made it that you end up with 12 pages if you leave the book so that it can be opened from both sides. As 12 seemed like a fortuitous number I made a little date/birthday book instead. Fingers crossed it is OK

I also got my parcel from A Million Little Things. The lovely Jill there combined two orders for me so that I got a postage refund. I was a bit worried it might get stuck in customs but luckily it didn't and arrived in time for me to have play this weekend.

I love these Junkitz papers. It is so good to have some really boyish papers to work with. I can see me ordering more of these :). I also used my new Autumn Leaves stamps that I got from Angel crafts recently
Oh and the last classes finally went up on the Scrapaganza website. I managed to get the AMM doodling one I wanted. Look here. Doesn't that just look like so much fun. I am starting to get excited is only 5 weeks to go I think. My final schedule now looks something like this.

Fri 3:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 17 ) Weather comes to mind (1)
Fri 5:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 18 ) Weather comes to mind (2)
Fri 8:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 24 ) About Me
Sat 9:30 AM, Class #ID: ( 35 ) Fashionably Late
Sat 11:00 AM, Class #ID: ( 10 ) Material Girl
Sat 4:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 33 ) Do you Doodle
Sat 7:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 23 ) W.O.T. (What's on Thursdays)
Sat 8:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 8 ) Like water, like chocolate
Sun 9:30 AM, Class #ID: ( 16 ) Staggering Possibilities
Sun 11:00 AM, Class #ID: ( 22 ) Him & Her
Sun 2:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 9 ) Coffee,Sugar & Cream (1)
Sun 3:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 37 ) Coffee,Sugar & Cream (2)

Not sure if this is my FINAL, FINAL version just yet. There are so many fantastic classes to chose from.

Anyway not much else happening just now so I will be off to get on with my knitting!!! LOL
Following a recent post on Kimmy's blog about LOs made using kits...these are some of my favourite LOs made using the ScrapRoom kit

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Letters from America!

My gorgeous Scraproom kit arrived this morning...isn't it fab. This is the first one I have had for a while as I have skipped the last two or maybe even three months now.

I also HAD to place an order at A Million Little Things when I saw that the new Junkitz papers had arrived. i have been waiting (im)patiently for these ever since I saw photos of them from CHA. I also thought the Rhonna Farrer journalling panels would work well with them. Paid for Airmail so hopefully they should be here within a week or so!

I love these bright and full of life.
But I also think these boy ones are fab too. I have noticed (as the mother of a 10 y/o boy) that the manufacturers seem to be bringing out a lot more stylish boyish ranges recently so yaaay!!!
Hmm what else...oh yes my first issue of Papercraft should be arriving soon(ish) as I subbed about a month ago.

And hopefully my new crocs should be here later this week as well. I have ordered this style (Nile) in black.

And these ones for me as well...
And these ones for Kirsten...

Roz if you are reading this stop laughing...I know I said they were horrible before but a girl is allowed to change her mind LOL

A walk up the hill...

Well that is the Easter holidays almost over - only a few more days to go. They have really flown by. We have just pottered about most days...haven't been out of Largs since I was last at work last Wednesday! We have had a craft day. Kirsten painted a bird house that her Auntie Alison bought her for Easter. We took advantage of the sunshine to do this out in the back garden. Then we also made some bracelets and a collage or two!!!

The artist at work...

The finished product...

Kirsten and I also went for another walk up the hills. We went a bit further past the sun dial this time - Kirsten added another stone to this cairn en route.
We also had to cross a boggy bit and Kirsten's trainer got sucked off as she tried to makeher way across - guess who had to go and rescue it!!! Well at least I know my hiking boots really are watertight. I think we will try to get over and climb Goat Fell soon...that is the highest point on Arran... which is the hazy island in the photo below.

Just a gratuitous picture of Kirsten, which reminds me I must upload some stuff to snapfish to print off in time for the UKS cyber crop.

Friday, 6 April 2007

You Tube

Ha - I do love You Tube (now that we have got sound back on our PC) click the first link on the right for some Boreanaz gorgeousness!!! LOL

Gosh it so long since I blogged - not been the best of times recently but managing to think more positively about things now.

I made another star book - this time for my friend's son's christening
I even managed to finish a LO...shock horror!!!

{picture now removed from blog as it's been accepted for a future issue of Scrapbook Inspirations :) }

I can't believe that is the first week of the school holidays gone already.

We went for a walk up the hill last Sunday and couldn't believe how warm it was!!!That hill is MUCH steeper then it looks in the photo...I was shattered by the time we got to the top...mind you the view is worth it... see the piccie on my blog header taken last year :)

So far the kids have been out for lunch twice, bowling once and have been to Millport as well.

Kenneth is insisting on growing his hair long (insert rolling eyes and a big sigh here!!)...and no I don't know why he is attacking his dad with his cutlery (I was at work when this was taken)
Mind you Robert did buy Kirsten a giant gobstopper ...quite an effective technique when you are looking after 3 kids for the day LOL
They spent the day down the front doing that proverbial Largs summer favourite...throwing stones in the there aren't enough in there already!!!

And then yesterday we had an Easter egg hunt too. this is just some of the gang. I think we ended up with 12 kids all together

Anyway off to watch Bones now. Missed it as I was out for a girlie night out last night and DH taped House for me... why is it that the only 2 shows I want to watch are both on Thursday at 9pm!!!