Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Bits & pieces

This is the LO I made for the Angel Crafts design team this month. Loved these papers...

and the extra bits came in v handy for makingg a birthday card for a party Kenneth was going to later that day :D
However this was the one I was most chuffed with...pity the picture is so rubbish. I tried to get a decent photo inside, then scanning it and stitching it together. I ended up sticking it on to the shed door outside in order to get some light on it. It is much better in real life...honest. You will all just have to pop round to see it LOL.

It was really easy to make - just one sheet of cardstock cut in to 3 pieces 4" x 12" then joined together. The strip down the side with the centimetres marked on it was printed out on the computer, then I added photos of Kenneth when he was a baby to the present day.

Still stalking the scrapaganza site looking for the AMM class to be announced. I had thought I might be pushing it a bit with 11 classes but then the fab organisers agreed to put some extra classes on, on the Friday afternoon so I managed to swap, leaving me some free time on Saturday to add another class...or even two!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

LOL - well Kirsten's Crocs arrived safe and sound and as predicted I don't think she has had them off her feet since - she has proclaimed them the comfiest shoes EVER!

I have even managed to get some scrapping done this week and managed to finish these two LOs and a card.
The first one took ages to do and the second one (below) took about 10 minutes as I decided to stick everything down as I went along :D

Then as I was in a scrapping mood I made a card for my Mum (who would've guessed!) for Mother's Day - how organised am I?!!!

RoZ has come up with the most fantastic idea for a LO - see here
So that is now added to my ever increasing list of things to do.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Plastic shoes!!!

Oh good grief. After deciding not to get them when we were in the States last October, Kirsten has now decided she NEEDS these...right NOW!!
So we have duly ordered one pair from Fitfeet
Kirsten also ordered some Disney Jibbitz to go with them....oh well that is the last of her Christmas money gone now :)

Kirsten seemed so grown up tonight - she went on a trip to the theatre in Greenock (about 15 miles away) this evening with her drama group to see Charlie & the Chocolate factory. She was quite the young lady with her black dress worn over black trousers and her pink bag (containing a carton of juice and some pringles for the interval!!!)

After she got back we all sat outside on the front garden wall with our hot chocolate to watch the lunar eclipse. Kenneth managed to explain to Kirsten much better than I could how it happens! Mind you he has seen a lunar eclipse already - we were lucky enough to catch one when we were at Downtown Disney in October 2004. It was quite magical how everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the night sky for a while!

I even managed to get some scrapping done today and finished my first design team projects for the Angel Crafts design team - can't post any photos yet but I will add them ince Angela has put them up in the Angel Crafts gallery.

I have also decided to do the Open University digital photography course that is starting in May. I love that you can pay using your Tesco vouchers! I only have a little point & shoot at the moment, but my dad has an all singing, all dancing digital SLR so I will be pinching that for my course work.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Design Team Idea

I have just had a great idea for my second Angel Crafts design team project this month... but I can't tell you what it is yet. It will be different though :)