Monday, 22 October 2007

Assorted stuff...and yes some more Magnolia cards :)

The best laid plans and all that... despite some good intentions I only managed to complete one of the classes for the UKS cyber crop. Mind you it was good 'un. Box of Treasured Memories by Margaret at Artbase. Loved this idea. I hadn't bought the kit but managed to make the box quite easily from a sheet of A4 chipoard.

I did get around to making my Halloween banner though. Have been meaning to do this for a while so am pleased I managed to get it done with time to spare. This is based on a class taught by Lance Anderson of Rusty Pickle. I used the RP Random Alphabet mainly. Painted the stencil pieces black & orange and then backed with green and purple cardstock.

Made this card for one of my DDs friends. Paper is Making Memories.

And this one uses some papers from Dena Designs.
And one more...

These are some of the images I got from the Magnolia stamp swap on UKS. Patterned paper is by K&Co and I painted the wall myself :)
Finally... a work in progress. This is my planner for Scrapaganza next month. I have done the covers but will get around to the inside pages now I have finalised my schedule. I have designed it to be reusable. The scrapaganza tag can come off and the inside pages can easily be replaced. Plus it is MUCH lighter and smaller than my last one LOL

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sneak Peek

This will be the next Project class I am teaching at PaperCuts on Thursday 1 November

Friday, 19 October 2007

STAR BOOK ~ Class Instructions ~

As usual I am more than happy for anyone to use the following instructions for their personal use but please do not copy them (either to teach your own classes or to post elsewhere online) without permission.
Thank you :)


Cut cardstock as follows:

Cover (red cardstock): 5 1/8” x 12”

Innermost pages (green cardstock): 5” x 11 ½” (x 5 pages)

Outer pages (red cardstock): 5” x 10 ½” (x 5 pages)

Score cover (texture side down) 5 ¾” from each edge to form a spine ½” wide

Score all other pages in half (ie at 5 ¾” on the green cardstock and 5 ¼” on the red cardstock) – textured side up.


Adhere double sided tape to one of the short edges of each piece of green cardstock

Join pages together to form a VVVVV shape as shown.

Adhere double sided tape to each of the short edges of the red cardstock.

Ink all edges


It is easier to decorate the pages before attaching them to the book.

Cut 2 pieces of circles paper 4 ½” x 3 ½”

Cut 2 pieces of green cardstock 3” square.

Round corners, ink edges and attach to page.


Cut two pieces of red patterned paper to 5” x 4 ½”

Score at ½” from each side.

Cut two pieces of circle paper 4” x 4 ½”

Emboss two 1 ½” x 4 ½” strips of red cardstock using cuttlebug snowflake embossing die.

Attach red patterned paper to page to form a flap and cover join with circle paper.

Punch two holes on each page as shown and thread fibre/ribbon through.


Cut 2 pieces of striped paper 3” x 4 ½”

Cut 2 pieces green paper 2” x 4 ½”

Cut 2 squares 2” x 2” from red cardstock and emboss with Christmas design.

Attach to page as shown (I only attached the two outer edges of the red cardstock so a photo can be slipped underneath later if required)


Cut 1 piece of striped paper 4½” x 4½”

Cut 2 pieces circle paper – one 4½” x 4½” and one 2½”x 4½”

Attach to page to form pocket

Cut tag 3”x 4½” from red patterned paper.

Punch hole and add fibre/ribbon.


Cut two 4½ ” x 4½” squares from red patterned cardstock.

Place patterned paper to patterned paper and cut zig-zag or wavy line.

Attach one patterned piece and one plain piece to each page


Attach each red cardstock page to the green cardstock pages – the page will only be attached at the outermost edge and will NOT lie flat

Attach lengths of ribbon to the outside pages (green cardstock) using double sided tape.

Decorate cover with 2” x 5 ¾” embossed strip of green cardstock and die cut stars.

Stamp Merry Christmas on small piece of blue card and attach over embossed strip

Attach stars with foam pads to give dimension.

Attach cover to green cardstock with double sided tape on short edges only.

EXPLODING BOX - Class Instructions

As usual I am more than happy for anyone to use the following instructions for their personal use but please do not copy them (either to teach your own classes or to post elsewhere online) without permission.
Thank you :)

STEP 1 - Lid

Cut green cardstock into a square 6 1/8” x 6 1/8”

Score a line 1” from each edge

Score a diagonal line across each corner.

Fold along scorelines and glue corners in place with wet glue. (use paperclips to hold in place until dry)

STEP 2 - box

Cut red cardstock into a square 11 ¼” x 11 ¼”

Cut blue cardstock into a square 10 ½” x 10 ½”

Score green cardstock (ie 12"x12" sheet) at 4” horizontal and vertical to give nine 4” squares.

Score red cardstock at 3 ¾” horizontal and vertical to give nine 3 ¾” squares.

Score blue cardstock at 3 ½” horizontal and vertical to give nine 3 ½” squares.

Cut the four corner squares off each piece of cardstock so you are left with a cross shape.

Round corners and ink edges


Cut four 3 ¼” squares from patterned paper A

Cut four 3 ¼” squares from patterned paper B

Cut four 3 ½” squares from patterned paper A

Cut four 3 ½” squares from patterned paper C

Cut two 3 ¾” squares from patterned paper B

Cut two 3 ¾” squares from patterned paper C

Round corners & ink edges


Attach patterned paper to box as shown.

I used two different patterns on each layer and placed them opposite each other.

Join all three pieces together – use double sided tape – attach to red cardstock only.

STEP 5 - decoration

Cut a 3 ¼” square of red cardstock for the centre. Round corner and ink edges.

Attach a couple of small squares of patterned paper and emboss a Christmas pattern on the pale blue cardstock using the Cuttlebug.

Attach ribbon round red cardstock before attaching to base.


Cut four 4” strips from the red cardstock and emboss with snowflake embossing folder.

Attach to outside of box.

Cut two poinsettia flowers out using the template and join together using a gold brad.

Cut a small square of patterned paper to decorate the lid (round corners/ink edges)

Stamp Merry Christmas on a small piece of blue cardstock (round corners/ ink edges) and glue on top of patterned paper.

Attach poinsettia to lid using double sided tape.

Friday, 5 October 2007

More Magnolia

A few more Magnolia bits and pieces (my order arrived from Sweden this week - yaay)

Havent had time to make a card with him yet but I just love this cutie pie - so so very sweet!

I used some of the only thing I have ever bought from QVC (well the UK version anyway) on this card - I bought a K&Co set about 2 years ago and have barely used any of it so have decided to put it to use for some cards as I can't see me using it on my scrapbook pages after all this time

Some more stamped and watercoloured images...

Another card...this time paper-pieced using MM Cosmo paper...

And a coupl of non-scrap related photos. Took this one on the way back from lunch today. It has been a glorious day here today...maybe summer is here at last! LOL

Last but not least a little pic of two Momiji dolls that Robert got me for my birthday - they are so sweet. Even the bags are cute so I can't decide whether to keep them in the bags or take them out (*insert rolling eye smilie here*)