Thursday, 23 November 2006

Finally joining the blogging craze

Well I have finally succumbed and started my own blog. LOL

Really just to keep track of what we have been up to.

Today is Kenneth's 10th birthday - wow where did the time go? Some days it seems like only yesterday I was a first time mother in the hospital, mind you other days it seems like a lifetime ago IYKWIM.

Aw bless wasnt he cute!!!

For his birthday he received from us
  • a new mobile phone (note the use of the word new here -
    I was determined he would not have a mobile until he
    started secondary school but I was usurped last year by my sister in law and here we are upgrading already!!!)
  • The Simpsons season 8 DVD
  • a wrestling DVD
  • a set of 6 wrestler action figures (men in pants!!!)
  • A Simpsons comic (Bartman)
  • Sky Sports football year book 2006/07
My friend also sent her son up with his present this morning - a grabber (to be filled with toys, sweets etc, racing grannies!!! and a puzzle game.
My aunt also popped up yesterday with a card and £15

Add this to the £30 he won on the celtic supporter's bus - yes two wins - £15 on Saturday then another £15 on Monday and he is definitely in the money

I also managed to finish off a LO I have done for the Harry Potter cybercrop on UKS

There is a little book hidden under the photo that tells the story of Kirsten's dream she had last week:

Kirsten’s Dream – 15th November 2006

I was sleeping and then I heard a “Ho-Ho-Ho”. At first I didn’t know what it was but then I remembered that was what Santa said. I went downstairs and Santa said “Hello!”

Then he said “Would you like to come back to my workshop with me?” and I said “Yes please”.

Then he took me outside and I saw Rudolph. He said “come in my sleigh”. I climbed in and we took off and we went to the North Pole.

When we got there we landed outside a wall of ice. I said to Santa “That’s a wall of ice!” Santa said “Can you see that golden door?” and I said “Yes, I can.” So Santa took me up to the golden door and opened it with his key. We walked along a dark, cold tunnel and then we came to a bright, cosy workshop. I saw lots of elves and one of the elves gave me a candy cane.

Then I saw lots, and lots, and lots of teddy bears. Then an elf showed me round the workshop and I got to see SANTA’S LIST! I was on the “Good” list and so were all my friends and Kenneth.

Santa fell asleep when I was being shown round the workshop so I woke him up so I could go home. Then he took me home and gave me a present that I put next to the others under the tree.

Then I sat on the settee and watched TV for a while because it was 6am and then my Mum, Dad and Kenneth got up. They said “Have you been up for a while?” and I said “Yes.”

Then we opened our presents and I opened the special one from Santa first because it glowed. Rudolph had pressed his nose against it – that was his signature. The present was a wee Santa in his sleigh and Rudolph toy.

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Jane (Emnol) said...

Welcome to the Blog world LOL!!! Totally love the story and cannot wait to see the layout!!