Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Well I have just been emailing my messages of support to a friend of mine who is taking part in this years Marathon des Sables
Where on earth she gets the determination and strength to do it I'll never know - certainly wouldn't be me that's for sure!

Still busy working away on some Stampin Up projects.

I made up some cards using a one sheet wonder and I think I'll try and organise a class locally to make this set once I find a suitable location. It actually takes more than one sheet to make all the cards as you might have guessed - the "one sheet" refers to the stamped sheet that looks like patterned paper)
if anyone is interested in coming along give me a shout :)

Oh and I've just discovered a brilliant book (or three). I read through Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and am half way through the next one in the series "New Moon". If you like Anne Rice books then you I would imagine you would like these too. Off to see if I can find thethird one on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Me! Giving you a shout! LOL Would love to come and make cards & learn something new.


Roz said...

Those cards are lovely, and add me to the list when you get a class set up please.

NanaBeth said...

I got to your blog via a link to the exploding box-you have such excellent taste in men (David=drooling) I will have to keep coming back.

Alison said...

Cool blog, especially like your Blog header I live there lol. Yes I am local to Millport, went to Largs Academy too. This could mean we were at school together jings what a small world.

Dawn said...

Good luck with your class Maggie.
Your cards are lovely.