Thursday, 9 August 2007

Ups and Downs

As in life is full of them!

We had the most wonderful news yesterday that my mum got the all clear from her scan. She has recently undergone surgery and chemotheraphy so we are all absolutely delighted that she is now cancer free.

But at the same time (well actually very late yesterday when I checked my phone) I learned that the head teacher at my children's primary school had lost her long battle with the same illness and had slipped away at the weekend. Her funeral was today.

Anyway back to happier things.

I've been managing to do a bit of scrapping via the UKScrappers summer cyber crop and these are the three layouts I've done so far.

This one of Kirsten's "Puss-in-Boots" face!

This one where Kirsten conned me into letting her have a mobile phone. I was distracted, looking at PJs for her (as I'd forgotten to pack any for her!) when she asked if she could have a mobile phone as it was only £10...I really only heard the £10 bit and as I knew she had more than that of her spending money left I had already said "Yes" before my brain caught up with what she had asked for. Oh well after seeing the look of pure delight on her face there was no way I could go back and tell her no - c'est la vie!
(But she's definitely NOT getting her ears pierced until she finishes primary school - I will be screening all requests a lot more carefully from now on LOL )

I love this photo - Kirsten posing as usual and Kenneth (typical big bro) taking the opportunity to steal her chips!


Pam said...

Great Los maggie-love them. I can really relate to your story about the mobile phone- I do that kind of thing all the time with my kids too.

Linda said...

So pleased for you and your family about your mum's good news. It's a pity the good always has to have a bad though. Love the LO's.