Wednesday, 13 February 2008

London baby!

I make no apologies for not updating this for a while. Work was completely manic up until the end of January then we were away to London on 1 February. We flew down on the Friday morning (Kenny & Kirsten got to miss a day of school) and got to our hotel about 12 noon. Luckily they let us do an early check-in for a tenner so we dropped the bags off and headed over to the British Museum for a while.

Robert having fun in Eqyptian room!
Had a quick look on Blade Rubber stamps on the way back but didn't buy anything as most things I could get cheaper online.

Back to the hotel to get changed and then wandered down to Leicester Square. Went to Chiquitita's or something like that for dinner. Food was not bad but the service was atrocious! Caught a number 9 bus (one of the old routemaster style buses) along to Kensington to the Royal Albert hall where we had tickets for Cirque Du Soleil. The show we went to see was Varekai which was reallyt excellent but maybe just not quite as good as La Nouba in Florida.

Day 2 - we spent most of the day on the open top tour buses and on a boat trip down the river (something neither Robert nor I had ever done in the seven years we lived in London!).

Kenneth, Kirsten & Lula at the Houses of parliament
London Eye (look out for alien's underneath!)Had a mooch about Covent Garden later on and stopped to watch one of the entertainers who was juggling some sharp knifes and eating an apple whilst riding a 10ft tall unicycle - the kids enjoyed that one!

Kirsten and I had a quick trip to the bead shop in Earlham Street then we met up with the boys and wandered all around Covent Garden area looking for Ed's Diner. We gave up and walked back over to Leicester Square then luckily found another brand of Ed's that we didn't even know existed. Nothing much on at the cinema so we spent the evening what used to be the Trocadero (not sure if it's still called that) where the kids went on the dodgems etc and Kenny even had a shot on a Buckin Bronco!

Day 3 - Back on the open top buses again (the ticket was valid for 48 hours - thank you Mr Tesco and your Clubcard Deals tokens :D ) We stopped at Downing Street although the street is barricaded off now. If you stand at one spot, on your tip toes, close one eye and squint slightly you can just about make out the door of number 10! Kirsten didn't want to see this for political reasons you was because it had been on Dr Who! LOL

We then walked over to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard (again something neither Robert nor I had ever done during our time in London) and then back up for a wander round Chinatown before we picked up our bags for the flight home.

Note Kirsten's new hat!!!

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Dawn said...

That looks a great trip, never been to London, well Gatwick airport dont think that counts.

Lovely photos your children are so like you.