Thursday, 2 August 2007

All Boy layout

As usual I am more than happy for anyone to use the following instructions for their personal use but please do not copy them (either to teach your own classes or to post elsewhere online) without permission.
Thank you :)


EK Success Tres Chic papers
Blue cardstock
Doodlebug buttons
Brown ink pad
Fiskars XL punches - circle & star
Alphabet stamps
Brown journaling pen
Tag & pocket template (see below)


Cut the green/dotty paper into two pieces – one 7” x 12”, one 5” x 12”

Put the 5” x 12” piece to one side for now.

Cut the bigger piece as follows:

One 4 ½” x 7”

One 3” x 7”

One 5” x 3”

Cut a 7” (approx) diameter circle from the striped paper (I used a side plate)
and cut the 5” x 3” piece using the same size of circle

Cut an L-shaped border sized to fit your photograph from the brown paper and cut out the scalloped edges.

Ink edges


Cut a tag from the blue background cardstock using your template. Make sure this is cut from an area of the cardstock that will be covered by the patterned papers/photograph.

Cut tag pocket from the green/dotted paper using template.

Ink edges


Attach paper to the blue cardstock as shown.

Dotty paper is approx 1½” from top edge and 2” from left hand side. Green paper is approx 1½” from the bottom edge.

Green “part” circle sits against the dotty paper

And the striped full circle overlaps as shown

Stick photo onto L-shaped photo mat (ink edges of photo).

Make sure that your photo will cover the edges of the green paper top & bottom


Cut 6 circles from the brown paper, 6 stars from the green paper and 1 star from the brown paper using the Fiskars punches.

Stamp title

Ink edges

Fold the tag pocket along fold lines, ink edges and glue in place. Glue on star

Staple ribbon to tag.


Attach title and tag envelope to layout.

Thread embroidery thread through buttons.

Attach button to star on tag envelope and three buttons on right hand side of layout.

Draw a line approx ½” – ¾” round the edge of the layout.


Copy & enlarge to fit standard sheet of A4 paper

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Heather said...

That is a fab layout Maggie. Hope your well xx