Sunday, 2 September 2007

September 1st

I made a quick get well card for a friend who had surgery during the week. Just used some of my scraps and cut out the flower tag using a cuttlebug die.

Had a very busy day yesterday that went something like this:

10:30am - visit library to return books. Nip down town to pick up stuff for lunch (from bakers - Saturday treat LOL ) and buy ducks for duck race. Pop in to chat to Louisa on the way up the road

12noon- home for lunch

12:30 - back out to meet Mum and go and watch the duck race. Didn't win!!! Kirsten did manage to fall in the burn helping to retrieve the "also-swams" (sorry!) though.

2:00pm - walk along the front to see the parade but get side tracked by snakes on the prom :D. Kirsten feeling brave and works up to holding one of them.

This is the viking village that is built every year for the festival and is inhabited for the week by "Vikings" who mainly come from Poland it seems - huh?
We didn't go in today because a) it costs £3 per adult now and we've seen it so many times before; b) we didn't have time; and c) Kirsten is going there with the school on Tuesday anyway

The parade was next and at least the sun was shining.

2:45pm - ***whine whine time*** can I just have oooooone shot on the fair muuuum?
(we will go but we normally go on the last Saturday of the Festival before the fireworks) so one shot was all Kirsten had - on this contraption :)

3:15pm - coffee at the Bagel Basket

4:15pm - back home. Time for a quick shower then meet up with friends for a drink

5:30pm - High Tea at the Green Shutters before heading along to

7:30pm -Vikingar to watch Voulez Vouz. (abba tribute band). Front row seats so lots of giggles and dancing.

10:30ish - out on the town for drinks ending up at the Clubroom at Lounge for another boogie before getting home at 2:30am!


Linda said...

All that and you were up and blogging before half ten! I MUST be getting old, it made me tired just reading it, lol!

Heather Pearson said...

Another one tired just reading about your day lol! Sounds like great fun to me, pics are great :D Hope your well x