Friday, 15 June 2007

Classes, Ribbons & Stuff

Phew after all that Scrapaganza stuff I am just about blogged out!!

Other news -

Kenneth finally got his hamster about 3 weeks ago - finally after asking for one for a bout 3 years. I am glad we waited though as now he is 10 he is able to look after it completely himself and I am very proud of the way he has done so. He has cleaned the cage out regularly, makes sure Smudge has enough food, clean water every day, he feeds him clover from the garden (don't ask!) and takes him out to play every night.

Kirsty was home from Australia for a flying visit - it was lovely to see her again and her plans for the house they are building sound wonderful - but sad that she is unlikely to be back home again for a while now :( (PS Kirsty - you are allowed to comment on my blog you know :D )

Kirsten is in her drama show tonight and tomorrow night. They are performing the jungle book and this is her after the dress rehearsal last night - she is a wolf, a monkey AND an elephant apparently.

A Million Little Things were having a ribbon blowout event last week so I ordered one or two!!!
There are actually 75 different ribbons there - strano ribbon, broad stripey ribbon, lace, dotty ribbon, sheer ribbon, giant ricrac etc etc etc
And would you believe that the whole lot, including postage was only £13 something BARGAIN or what?

Finally my big news - there is a Scrapbook Shop open in Largs!!! Yes we finally have our own LSS - it is called PaperCuts and is run by Julie & Ian.

I will be teaching the scrapbooking classes and the first one will be next Thursday from 7pm-8pm. I will be doing a beginner's course to start with - one class a week over the next six weeks (although that is not strictly correct - there will be no class on the first Thursday in July cos we are away on holiday that week) - the cost for the six classes (which includes a 12x12 post bound album) is £50.

If anyone is interested please email Julie and make arrangements to come along. There will also be a crop for 2 hours after the class ie from 8pm - 10pm on a Thursday evening so again please email Julie if you are interested.

So what with designing my LOs plus father's day cards, birthday cards, a card for my parents 40th anniversary can see why I have been too busy to finish my Scrapaganza projects! Well that is my excuse anyway!

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