Friday, 15 June 2007

Scrapaganza Day 1

Wow seems like it was ages ago now!!!
Had a brilliant time again and met so many new people - especially the rest of the "Aberdeen" girls (well that is where they all fly from so Aberdeen girls they shall be LOL ) ***waves*** to Jacqui, Karen, Elaine, Anne, Karen & Tracy, and to Irene & Susan, and it was great to catch up with Dawn and Frances and my lovely roomie Diane :)

No problem with the flights this time although this did mean I had over two hours to wait until the bus transfer. Spent the time chatting to the others who were waiting. Had lunch with MichelleS (***waves hello to Michelle) and a wander round the shops in a search for Kipling bags - we did find some but decided to see how much stash money we had left at the end of the weekend before parting with any money :)

The bus was late (Rolling eye smilie here) and as a result a few of us missed the first half of the Karen Burniston album track - I did feel for Karen who was engulfed with about 7 of us arriving half way through the class - I know some of the girls gave up and just picked up the kits but I was lucky enough to sit beside Vicky who helped me get caught up in no much so that I almost finished the album (including photos in class)...but guess what 2 weeks later and it's still not finished. I will post some photos when its done.

These are the first couple of pages of the planner I made. I had originally planned to use one of Roz's gorgeous Flap books but I soon realised I was taking too many classes for this to be feasible so I ended up using a 7 Gypsies book instead.

After the class finished just after 6pm I was too late to meet up with everyone else as they had already gone to dinner so that they would be in time for their class at 7:30pm. My next class was not until 8:30pm. Luckily I met up with Tracy and she walked down to Egmond with me - the main shopping/bar/restaurant area and the beach was literally 2 minutes walk from the hotel. As Tracy's husband is Dutch she speaks a little bit of the language and managed to order me some Kroketten (which were lovely) and chips!!! Very classy LOL. Mind you I do love the "Chipsauce" the dutch have. - sort of a cross between mayonnaise and salad cream!
It was lovely to sit outside in the sun with Tracy whose company I really enjoyed :)

Then it was time to head back for my next class with Lisa Bearnson. Lisa talked for quite a lot of the class about the importance of scrapbooking and the class kit was a very generous 8x8 album kit (although the class did cost €25 instead of €15 but I thought that was pretty fair)
Lisa impressed me a lot with how open and friendly she was - she certainly made an effort to speak to all the Scottish ladies present as she had just been visiting Edinburgh earlier in the week and explained that she had lived in Scotland for a year and half many years ago - Her Scottish accent was pretty good too.

The class didn't finish until after 10pm and by that point we were in need of some light refreshment so some of us headed back down to Egmond to try out the local bars. At least Diane and I were sort of sensible and were back at the hotel by comment on those who stayed out later LOL

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Dawn said...

Yes no comment.
Won't be doing that, really tired the following few days.
Didn't know you had blogged about Scrapa, but then I was on holiday time this post was up.

Iam sure we will manage a few drinks at the bar.
We have to keep mammy hen propped up.