Friday, 6 July 2007

Hmm I have been tagged by Angela - so here goes "7 facts about me"

1. I love sci-fi particularly anything by Joss Whedon so that's Buffy/Angel/Firefly and I also love Doctor Who, Torchwood, the 4400, Taken, Point Pleasant, Tru Calling.

2. I also love to read and own at least 1,000 books. Favourite authors include Anne Rice, Jean M Auel, Christopher Brookmyre and Tolkien (but I'm reading Kenneth's Doctor Who books at the moment)

3. When I worked in London I completed lots of famous people's tax returns but I can't tell you who 'cos I've signed confidentiality agreements :p

4. Robert and I have been together since I was 17. For my 18th birthday he bought me a gold locket and a single red rose and he took me to Paris (by bus/train LOL) for my first Christmas present from him.

5. My dad's aunt by marriage is Vic Damone's cousin and she sang with frank Sinatra in her father's night club in Queens.

6. I HATE bananas - even the smell makes me feel sick (mind you so does the smell of CK one ever since I was pregnant with Kenneth)

7. I was born on an RAF base (and I wanted to be a pilot when I was younger but couldn't because I am short sighted...if only laser surgery had been around a few years earlier!!!)


We are just back from our week away in Yorkshire so off to unpack and get the washing on. Will post some photos later

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Angela said...

Hope you had a fab time, I love Anne Rice books too!