Thursday, 12 July 2007

Just thought I would post a few photos from our recent trip to Yorkshire - weather looks surprisingly sunny - clearly I was too busy running to get out the rain to take any photos during the monsoon like showers!!! LOL

This is Kenneth & Kirsten at Harrogate - I really liked this town and would love to go back for a longer visit some day!
Rare photo of my boy not grimacing whilst having his photo taken.

HA HA - I love this photo - just sums the two of them up. Kirsten too busy posing for a photo and whilst she is doing so Kenny is nicking her chips!!! Photo taken in the original Harry Ramsden's in Guisley.

Kirsten on "Princess" the donkey on Scarborough beach - It started chucking it down about 2 minutes later!

***sigh*** Yes when a sign says "Wet Paint" it really does mean wet paint! Kenny said this was lucky as he was just about to do a roly-poly over the railings so I should be garetful it is only his hands that got paint on them - I am son, I am!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow..... is a caravan in Filey. LOL
Note the lovely clear blue summer sky!

Digging for ancient artifacts and skeletons at York's "Dig" attraction - one of the highlights of our week. Would definitely recommend this.

Outside York Minster

On the sea front at Bridlington

Traditional ice-creams!


Jane (Emnol) said...

Looking through your fab photos saying "been there" "remember that" I do so love Yorkshire!! How are you all - hope you're well!!

jane xxxx

Dawn said...

We went to filey years ago the tide comes in quick at the beach.
There is loads to do in that area.
Do they still have that something wonderland at Scarborough?