Friday, 25 May 2007

Scottish bands or weren't the eighties fab!

Wow how weird - I was blog surfing.. as you do... and I checked out Cathy Zielske's you do..and she mentioned Aztec Camera of all bands in one of her posts - who knew Roddy Frame was big in the US!!! well not me obviously LOL

It set me to thinking about how may fab scottish bands there were in the 80s. I've just spent hours on youtube reminiscing :D

How about:

Love & Money (Dogs in the Traffic has to be one of the best albums ever)
Orange Juice (and Edwyn Collins)
Win (if anyone has a link to Super Popoid Grove I would be eternally grateful!!! LOL)
Blue Nile
Danny Wilson
Goodnight Mr MacKenzie (yes saw them acouple of several times before Shirley Manson & John Duncan hit the big time...Garbage & Nirvana respectively)
Hue & Cry
Deacon Blue
Big Country
Simple Minds
Wet Wet Wet (one of the few bands of any note to have played Largs...but before they had a record deal! - they were pretty ropey and the crowd consisted of me and about 20 mates taking the mick LOL )
Fruits of Passion (great Edinburgh girl band - again any links to any of their songs much appreciated!)

I also found this on a Firefly site

The Browncoats Prayer

Who art in Hollywood, Whedon be thy name.
Thy ideas come, and will be done
On film as they are in Comic Books.

Give us someday a little more Serenity,
And deliver us from Reality Television.
For thine is the Wit, the Wisdom,
And the Imagination

Forever and ever,


Love it!!!


Jane (Emnol) said...

I loved the eighties and still listen to the tunes ALL THE TIME !!

My fav has to be OMD - If you leave!! From Pretty in Pink!!!!

off to listen now!! lol

Irene said...

Great list. I loved Deacon Blue and still listen to one of their CDs (woo ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh)

Heather said...

Another 80's chick here, loved it all! That ditty is fab too