Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wedding Layout Class

As usual I am more than happy for anyone to use the following instructions for their personal use but please do not copy them (either to teach your own classes or to post elsewhere online) without permission. Thank you :)


Cream cardstock
EK Success I DO Heart & Soul Paper
EK Success I DO Sentiments Paper
12" piece of cream lace
8" piece sheer gold ribbon
Lil Davis Love Affair 2 stamps
Clear Embossing Pad
Gold Embossing Powder
Gold Gel pen
3 different size chipboard hearts (mine were cut using a Big Shot die)
Dark red acrylic paint


Stamp pattern down left hand side of layout and emboss using gold embossing powder.


Make your title from the “Sentiments” paper by going over one of the words with a gold gel pen. (there are lots to chose from like the “Bouquet of Roses” used in the example or “Adore”, “Romance” “Candle Light” etc etc )

Cut out and round corners if desired.

Cut the “Heart & Soul” paper into two strips. One should be 3 ½ ” x 12” and the other 6” x 12”.

Cut the edge of each strip with scalloped edged scissors (or any other shape)


Mat your photo on the Sentiments paper. Leave a larger margin at the bottom and edge with scalloped scissors (or whichever shape you chose for the other papers)


Paint the large heart dark red.

Cover the medium heart with the “Sentiments” patterned paper (remember to glue the front of the chipboard heart to the back of the patterned paper), and cut around the chipboard edge with a sharp craft knife.

Cover the small heart with either side of the “Heart & Soul” paper.

Glue the hearts together.

Tie a 2” to 3” piece of the gold ribbon round a slightly longer piece and then wrap round all three hearts. Secure at the back with some double-sided tape.


Attach lace to left hand side of the layout just beside the embossed design.

Add patterned paper as shown.

Attach photo leaving the right side open for the journaling tag

Add title (using pop dots or foam pads) and heart embellishment

Cut a piece of paper approx 5” x 2 ½” from the “Heart & Soul” paper.
Make a small slit and attach ribbon. Slide under photo mat.


Roz Roz said...

Wow what a great class, and stunning pic

Sarah said...

great sight and love the lessons to sarahpspdevotee :)