Friday, 6 April 2007

You Tube

Ha - I do love You Tube (now that we have got sound back on our PC) click the first link on the right for some Boreanaz gorgeousness!!! LOL

Gosh it so long since I blogged - not been the best of times recently but managing to think more positively about things now.

I made another star book - this time for my friend's son's christening
I even managed to finish a LO...shock horror!!!

{picture now removed from blog as it's been accepted for a future issue of Scrapbook Inspirations :) }

I can't believe that is the first week of the school holidays gone already.

We went for a walk up the hill last Sunday and couldn't believe how warm it was!!!That hill is MUCH steeper then it looks in the photo...I was shattered by the time we got to the top...mind you the view is worth it... see the piccie on my blog header taken last year :)

So far the kids have been out for lunch twice, bowling once and have been to Millport as well.

Kenneth is insisting on growing his hair long (insert rolling eyes and a big sigh here!!)...and no I don't know why he is attacking his dad with his cutlery (I was at work when this was taken)
Mind you Robert did buy Kirsten a giant gobstopper ...quite an effective technique when you are looking after 3 kids for the day LOL
They spent the day down the front doing that proverbial Largs summer favourite...throwing stones in the there aren't enough in there already!!!

And then yesterday we had an Easter egg hunt too. this is just some of the gang. I think we ended up with 12 kids all together

Anyway off to watch Bones now. Missed it as I was out for a girlie night out last night and DH taped House for me... why is it that the only 2 shows I want to watch are both on Thursday at 9pm!!!

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Jane (Emnol) said...

great to see you Maggie - some fab photos in there - you def live in a lovely part of the UK that's for sure! Keep in touch. Jane xxxxx