Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Letters from America!

My gorgeous Scraproom kit arrived this morning...isn't it fab. This is the first one I have had for a while as I have skipped the last two or maybe even three months now.

I also HAD to place an order at A Million Little Things when I saw that the new Junkitz papers had arrived. i have been waiting (im)patiently for these ever since I saw photos of them from CHA. I also thought the Rhonna Farrer journalling panels would work well with them. Paid for Airmail so hopefully they should be here within a week or so!

I love these bright and full of life.
But I also think these boy ones are fab too. I have noticed (as the mother of a 10 y/o boy) that the manufacturers seem to be bringing out a lot more stylish boyish ranges recently so yaaay!!!
Hmm what else...oh yes my first issue of Papercraft should be arriving soon(ish) as I subbed about a month ago.

And hopefully my new crocs should be here later this week as well. I have ordered this style (Nile) in black.

And these ones for me as well...
And these ones for Kirsten...

Roz if you are reading this stop laughing...I know I said they were horrible before but a girl is allowed to change her mind LOL


Heather said...

Kits look just lush! Hope things are staying'up' for you but I have to say CROCS! Nooooo you can't lol! I am seeing Roz tomorrow, wait until I tell her hahahah!

Roz Roz said...

OMG, I've just seen this, can't believe it, ha ha, you are so bad. I can tell you though, that Heather has done the same thing, hee hee, you are all so funny, you all slag me for ages, then Voila, off you go, But how comfy are they, I swear no more heels for me ever again.