Monday, 30 April 2007

Bags - like I needed more!!!

OK here is the bag I finished last week - sorry for the rubbish photo. The wool was debbie Bliss Soho and I used a pattern I found on line at Black Sheep bags
but I struggled with the I-cord instructions until I found this fab little animation here
D'oh - how easy was that.

The bag shrank to less than half its original size - mind you I did wash it at 90 degrees - and it came out the machine looking like a fuzzy lump but once I dried it out (over a cereal box covered with clingfilm) it was fine.

Watch out these little suckers are addictive though...I have started knitting another one. This time I am using Wendy Fusion (mainly cos it was only £1 a ball from Watt Bros in Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street LOL ) - it is only 50% wool though and 50% acrylic so I am not sure if it will felt properly or this space :)

I think I will make some knitted flowers to go on them as well at some point

I was full of good intentions to get my packing done early but looks like that is not happening and I will be running about like a headless chicken. We are heading up to Nairn for a long weekend. Kenneth & Kirsten's school is closed on Thursday for the election so we are taking them out of school on the Friday as well...tut tut!!! Have had some great suggestions for days out from Dawn, Erika, Tracy, Pam and lots of the other "Northern" girls on UKS - thank you :)

I think we will definitely try Landmark and the Wildlife Park on the Black isle and Roos Leap looks like being a good option for something to eat in Aviemore when we are en route.

Roz - Taylor Shoes have the wedge crocs - they are called Sassari - $14 P&P


Linda said...

Love your bag and love the look of some of those new crocs, too lush!

Heather said...

ooo fab bag you clever thing! Crocs are raging in these ere parts ARG! I own red ones now hahaha(More en route) Kids all have some too, can't believe it *snort*