Sunday, 29 April 2007

knitting and stitching

Well I have finished knitting my bag and it shrank brilliantly in the washing machine - washed it at 90 degrees and it is now less than half the size that it was when I finished knitting it. It looks good but I haven't had a chance to get a decent picture...why am I so busy???

Well i was only asked to do something for Scrapbook Inspirations - yayy me. Mind you the deadline is next Tuesday and as we are away from Thursday to Monday AND I am working from tomorrow until Wednesday that left me, well, today really to get it done!!! LOL It did mean I didn't have a chance to take part in the UKS cyber crop this time. I only managed a measly 10 points for registering - sowwy spades!!!

Here is teeny sneak peek of the LO... I hand stitched the title and I was really pleased with the way it turned out

In other news today... Kenneth won a yugioh tournament at the local toy shop this afternoon. His prize was an apparently rare starter deck - a pack of the first cards ever made - meant to be worth somewhere between £20 - £30 so he was pretty happy. The toy shop is called the Bus Stop Toy Shop and if you are ever in Largs then I highly recommend a visit (or you can shop online at that link) ...if you are looking for toys of course. Duncan the owner is really friendly and is extremely knowledgable about the toys he sells. He also organises lots of competitions for the kids and arranges for Dr Who card swaps etc Anyway I think Kenneth will be selling his prize on ebay soon as he is on a mission to raise some cash

And on that subject we were car booting yesterday morning - pretty successful for just a small local event as we managed to clear a profit of £60 - mostly the kids stuff so they are happy to have some spends for our weekend away and we are happy that they will not be whining at us for more money (yeah right!!! LOL ).


Roz Roz said...

OMG, please please please send me idiot proof instructions for knitting a bag, I've had wool and needles sitting here for 2 months and am to scared to start as no idea what to do. And hurry up and post pics so we can all see. BTW, Toot Toot, way to go, SI, yahoo, wish I could see the layout, what I can see looks scrummy yummy

Linda said...

Congratulations Maggie on the SI thing, let us know when it will be in so we can rush out and buy it.