Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunday Sunday

Just having a quiet day today as I had a busy day yesterday. I was really pleased to hear that I had had a layout accepted for Scrapbook Inspirations so Kirsten and I popped down to the Post Office to post that yesterday morning. I also posted my little mini-book for a swap taking place on UK Scrappers in the run up to the cyber crop next weekend.

Then in the afternoon I was off to Edinburgh to see Footloose at the Edinburgh Playhouse. My friend's friend had originally bought these tickets for a birthday present but was unable to go as she is abroad on business at the moment so I was lucky enough to be "First Reserve" LOL. We had a lovely day out, a little bit of shopping in Edinburgh (I bought some wool from John Lewis to make a felted bag) and Tapas for tea before going to the show. The show was surprisingly good and I thought the male lead was excellent.

Here are some photos of the gorgeous little book I received. isn't it so pretty? It is full of quotes from Alice in Wonderland (the cyber crop theme is the Mad hatter's Tea Party)

And here is the book I made. I hope my swapee likes it. I didn't stick to the Alice theme (as it wasn't mandatory) plus my book is made a litte bit differently. I realised when I made it that you end up with 12 pages if you leave the book so that it can be opened from both sides. As 12 seemed like a fortuitous number I made a little date/birthday book instead. Fingers crossed it is OK

I also got my parcel from A Million Little Things. The lovely Jill there combined two orders for me so that I got a postage refund. I was a bit worried it might get stuck in customs but luckily it didn't and arrived in time for me to have play this weekend.

I love these Junkitz papers. It is so good to have some really boyish papers to work with. I can see me ordering more of these :). I also used my new Autumn Leaves stamps that I got from Angel crafts recently
Oh and the last classes finally went up on the Scrapaganza website. I managed to get the AMM doodling one I wanted. Look here. Doesn't that just look like so much fun. I am starting to get excited is only 5 weeks to go I think. My final schedule now looks something like this.

Fri 3:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 17 ) Weather comes to mind (1)
Fri 5:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 18 ) Weather comes to mind (2)
Fri 8:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 24 ) About Me
Sat 9:30 AM, Class #ID: ( 35 ) Fashionably Late
Sat 11:00 AM, Class #ID: ( 10 ) Material Girl
Sat 4:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 33 ) Do you Doodle
Sat 7:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 23 ) W.O.T. (What's on Thursdays)
Sat 8:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 8 ) Like water, like chocolate
Sun 9:30 AM, Class #ID: ( 16 ) Staggering Possibilities
Sun 11:00 AM, Class #ID: ( 22 ) Him & Her
Sun 2:00 PM, Class #ID: ( 9 ) Coffee,Sugar & Cream (1)
Sun 3:30 PM, Class #ID: ( 37 ) Coffee,Sugar & Cream (2)

Not sure if this is my FINAL, FINAL version just yet. There are so many fantastic classes to chose from.

Anyway not much else happening just now so I will be off to get on with my knitting!!! LOL


Jane (Emnol) said...

I feel an altered AMM Tote coming on lol - that is fab!!

Hope you're ok Maggie - is that your class in the UKS CC???


Roz Roz said...

NO FAIR, I can't see the pics. Congrats on page been accepted, come on, tell us which one, cause they are all so flipping good.

Heather said...

Congrats Maggie, can't wait to see it and love the book, gorg colours :D