Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday 4th May

The Travelodge is situated right beside Fairways Leisure so we have a really good buffet breakfast in the clubroom (£6-95 for adults, children free). Entertainment is provided by some numpty who decides to put his croissant in the toaster (one of those large catering ones where you pop the toast on to a rolling grid at the top then the toast appears at the bottom) and predictably it gets stuck and sets fire to the machine. Said numpty is then about to try to unstick the croissant with a knife (now what did we learn in school about metal and electricity!!!). Fortunately the manager stops him, puts out the small fire and normal service is resumed!!!

After breakfast Kenneth begs us for a shot on the driving range so Robert and him sort that out. Then Robert convinces me to have a shot. Now I have never played golf. I vaguely remember my grandpa teaching me how to hold a club when I was about 7 but apart from that nothing...which is strange when you think about it as both my gran & grandpa golfed and my dad is an excellent golfer...when he was younger his handicap was right down at 1 or 2 at one point. Anyway after a few "air shots" I get the hang of it, a couple of pieces of advice from Robert about my stance and hey what do you know I can hit this thing 100 yds...hmm maybe I will go for some lessons one day.

After our golfing we check out our hotel and go to visit Culloden. We discover the Murrays were in the front line (as were the Frasers, of which I am one on my mother's side). K&K then spend the rest of the holiday playing at Jacobites & RedCoats.

After Culloden we head back in to Inverness where I manage to visit a couple of craft shops in the Victorian Market and then it is time for the drive along the coast to Nairn to check-in to our caravan. We are lucky to be allocated a 3 bedroom van very near to the beach.

For tea we decide on fish suppers (well I have White Pudding) from the on-site chippie. Now I said to Robert that I was sure the last time we were here we had had fish from there and it still had the skin on (why would anyone make fish like that!!!). No, no said Robert, that's just an English thing, it won't be like that up here!. Hmmm proven right yet again LOL. Anyway neither Robert nor Kenneth particularly enjoyed their tea.

It was a nice evening so we went for a walk along the beach. K&K even went in the sea for a paddle - yes very keen!!!

Then back to the caravan for 9pm so that Kenneth could catch up on the Dr Who episode he had missed last week...yes the caravan even had a freeview box (so we had BBC3) as well as a DVD player.

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