Friday, 11 May 2007

Sunday 6th May

Second time lucky for Brodie Castle. We get there for opening time at 10:30am and are soon enjoying an excellent guided tour of the castle that we all enjoy.

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I can't even remember where we end up for lunch but we do drive over the bridge to North Kessock to see if we can spot any dolphins or seals - Kirsten maintains she saw a seal so she is happy!
Then we end up back at the driving range at Fairways again - not my idea...honest! But I do take another shot or two :D
Next stop is Borders. I like Borders in Inverness as I always manage to find some interesting things like this
and this - now this one I have wanted for ages. I originally ordered it from Amazon, then was told it would be in stock in 28 days, the two months and then no sorry you can't have it after all!! So I was v v pleased to find this at last.

and this - which I thought looked like fun for making birthday cards etc

We have our tea at Pizza hut then back to the caravan where we have some fun playing with felt!!! LOL Look what we made. The one on the left is Kirsten's and the one on the right is Robert's - all his own work too - who new he had a creative side. Might have to start hiding my craft stuff from him. Kenneth made a really cool one too called Paches (pronounced Patches) but I cant find that to photograph at the moment. Kirsten's is called Knotts and Robert's is either Square Head or Cheese Head...we haven't decided yet. No we are not mad... well not much anyway LOL

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Heather said...

Nice finds in Borders, fab makes too but I may dispute the 'we are not mad' comment lol! Sounds like a great time was had by all.