Friday, 11 May 2007

Saturday 5th May

On Saturday we have breakfast in the caravan then drive along to Elgin. I look for MrsMacs shop but in vain. Hadn't realised it was outwith the town centre. There are a lot of good shops in Elgin though. Plenty of craft, fabric, wool shops and K&K are delighted to find a large toy shop.

We buy some butteries and cakes in Walkers bakery then drive up to Lossiemouth for a picnic.
The view is wonderful but for some unfathomable reason I fail to take any pictures!!! So here is roughly the view we had courtesy of

After our picnic we stroll across the above bridge (how could you not) and then we head back towards Brodie Castle along the coastal route.

What we had failed to realise was that Brodie Castle is not open to the public on Saturdays! When we get there we can see there is a wedding taking place. K&K have a bit of a play in the play area and then we decide to head to Brodie Countryfare - unfortunately this is not to be either as the road between the castle and Brodie is closed so we give up and head back to the caravan...after all Dr Who is on tonight.

Photo courtesy of NTS

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