Friday, 11 May 2007

Monday 7th May

We pack up the caravan and start the journey home via Granton on Spey to visit a smokehouse
Believe me the website is better than the actual "tour" which basically involves looking through glass windows at people at work cutting slices of fish...yawn! The interactive bits weren't working so this was pretty much a waste of time...even the price of the smoked salmon in the factory shop was high!

Next stop though is Killiecrankie. We take a short stroll through the woods to see the Soldier's Leap and spend a while admiring the view.

Yes Kenneth is starting to look like a
girl with that hair and no he
does not want it cut!!!

Then we head just down the road to Pitlochry for lunch. I haven't been to Pitlochry for years (one of my friends from Uni was from Dunkeld so I had visited a few times then) but I couldn't remember much about the place at all. We have lunch at Victoria's which was really good and then have a mooch about the shops, dodging showers. We leave at about 3pm and get back into Largs just after 6pm (after stopping off at our local tesco for some basics to tide us over till the next day).

I have been nursing a cold for most of the weekend but once I am home I feel a lot worse and head to bed for an early night. end up staying in bed for the next 2 days as I feel so yuk.
never mind I am on the mend now although still coughing away


Jane (Emnol) said...

Loving the photos, you have been soooo busy - glad you had a fab time!

Dawn said...

Looks like you found some really good books at Borders.
bo hoo we dont have one in our area either.
Looks like you had a great time.
See you in Holland.

I was laughing at the numpty wth the croissant, thats the silly thing I would do.