Friday, 11 May 2007

Thursday 3rd May

This is a mini-trip report about our trip to Nairn - really just done for myself for future scrappy people feel free to skip as there ain't much scrapping goin' on in the next few posts.

Thursday dawned bright and clear...a good omen for our weekend away. Robert decides to get a haircut before we go so nips down the town first thing. We then pop into the primary school to vote. How complicated was that! Crosses on one ballot paper (with two different votes on the one paper) and numbers on the other. No wonder there would turn out to be so many spoilt papers. Fairly crucial in our constituency of Cunningham North where the overall majority was only 48 votes but there were over 1000 spoilt papers. Including apparently at least 100 ballots from Arran which "got wet" and therefore couldn't be counted electronically so weren't included at all. What a disgrace!

Anyway I digress LOL

After voting we pop in to see Mum & Dad briefly and then we are on our way. We make it all the way to Aviemore without stopping. Yaay a new record. Kirsten normally needs the toilet a long time before we get that far. One time on the journey "Up North" we stopped at Tesco in Perth for Kirsten to use the facilities, then Tesco in Aviemore and then finally Tesco in Inverness. That was the trip that became know as the "Tour of Tesco Toilets"!!!

So we are pleased to make it to Aviemore without any stops. We have lunch at Roo's Leap restaurant in Aviemore that Dawn recommended. It was great (once we managed to find our way in as they are digging up the pavement all around it at the moment). It is an Australian restaurant but basically serves TexMex food. Robert had the fajitas, I had an enchilada, and K&K had a melted cheese tortilla sandwich that they both really enjoyed (basically a cheese toastie but made with tortillas instead of bread).

After our yummy lunch we wandered around Aviemore, popping in to Waterstones (I liked this better when it was still Ottakers) and then we we were on our way. We arrived at our Travelodge at Inverness at about 4pm. Checked-in, had a quick breather then it was off to explore Inverness. We saw the castle then popped in for a quick wander round the shops as it was late opening (well until 7 o'clock anyway). K&K decided they were hungry again (I was still stuffed from lunch) so we popped in to McDonalds to get them a Happy Meal each. Robert had one too!!!

Then back to the Hotel where K&K had baths using their bathbombs they had just bought from Lush. Kenneth had an Avobath and Kirsten had Think Pink (now there's a surprise LOL ).

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